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Research themes

ROBOTEX draws on 20 research laboratories and it is structured in 5 thematics : 

It is structured around 5 application domains :

  • Robotics in the Industry of the Future
    Partners laboratories : ENSAM-LISPEN/Lille, Institut Pascal/Clermont-Ferrand, LIRMM/Montpellier, LS2N/Nantes, PPrime/Poitiers
  • Mobile robotics
    Partners laboratories : GIPSA-LAB/Grenoble HEUDIASYC/Compiègne, ISIR/Paris, ISM/Marseille, I3S/Nice, LAAS/Toulouse, Institut Pascal/Clermont-Ferrand
  • Medical robotics
    Partners laboratories : ISIR/Paris, LIRMM/Montpellier, ICube/Strasbourg, TIMC/Grenoble
  • Micro-Nanorobotics
    Partners laboratories : FEMTO-ST/Besançon, ISIR/Paris
  • Humanoid Robotics and Natural Interactions
    Partners laboratories : ETIS/Cergy-Pontoise, GIPSA-LAB/Grenoble, ISIR/Paris, IRISA-INRIA/Rennes, LAAS/Toulouse, LORIA/Nancy, LIRMM/Montpellier, LS2N/Nantes, PPrime/Poitiers