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Humanoid Robotics and Natural Interactions

The Humanoid Robotics and Natural Interactions (RHIN) sub-theme is based on a set of complementary equipments allowing for multidisciplinary research works about the synthesis of behaviour of anthropomorphic robots and natural interactions between such robots and human beings.

It gathers 9 research teams (around 50 permanent researchers) already involved in joint projects with SMEs as well as large industrial companies.

The main objective is the development of autonomous robotic systems with driving and perceptive abilities that are sophisticated enough for personal assistance in professional or private settings. The RHIN sub-network will provide experimental setups for modeling and analysis of the sensory-motor and cognitive functions that are the basic requirements for humanoid robot autonomy and natural human-robot interactions.


Olivier Stasse ostasse@laas.fr

Gérard Baillygerard.bailly@gipsa-lab.grenoble-inp.fr