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Find the sub-network site : http://pages.isir.upmc.fr/nanorob/

The Micro-Nanorobotics sub-network focuses on robotic interaction with objects whose size is in a “no man’s land”, i.e. from 100nm to 10μm, between nanotechnologies (1nm-100nm) and micro technologies (10μm-1mm).

The exploration of this new scientific paradigm for robotics requires adapted equipment to strictly control the environment using high vacuum chamber, which integrates nanopositionning stages, vision system (Scanning Electron Microscopes, “SEM”) and characterization tools (force sensors). Such equipment adapted to the development of research in nanorobotics will be new in France.

This platform is be a powerful tool for the development of nanorobotics and it represents an excellent opportunity to interact with potential users, industrial (e.g. in the nanotechnology or biotechnology fields) and academia (e.g. in material science).


Guillaume Laurent - guillaume.laurent@femto-st.fr