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Mobile Robotics

The Mobile Robotics sub-network tackles numerous scientific and technical challenges in order to foster the deployment of dependable robots, with applications for intelligent transportation vehicles, field robotics or micro and mini drones.
Besides autonomous navigation, endowing mobile robots with decisional autonomy is a strategic goal, particularly needed for the deployment of multiple robot teams and for addressing the human factor issues.

The scientific domains that back up the research activities in mobile robotics on these topics and for which innovations are required span a wide spectrum, that ranges from mechatronics to system science and man/machine interactions, via signal processing, control theory, decision theory, planning and artificial intelligence. In order to achieve actual applications, all these topics must be studied in realistic conditions.

For this purpose, the sub-network offers acces to up-to-date experimental platforms and the surrounding technical environment deployed on realistic test fields.


Nicolas Marchand - nicolas.marchand@gipsa-lab.grenoble-inp.fr