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Production Robotics

Robotics in the Industry of the Future theme deals with both industrial and scientific challenges. In industrialized countries there is a growing lack of manpower for tough tasks and a growing need for automation of current manual tasks. However, requirements in terms of robotization in European countries cannot be fulfilled with current robotic systems whose performance are limited by scientific and technological bottlenecks in various fields.

For these reasons, the research program of the production robotics theme have been organized into three main goals, each of them being linked to both industrial and theoretical issues :

  • DextRob, which addresses mobile and dextrous handling for production robotics,
  • AccuFast, which aims at performing both high accelerations and high accuracies, and 
  • RoboTool, which is concerned with machining robots.

The 6 laboratories involved in this theme constitute a scientific and technological strength able to compete with Fraunhofer centers and Chinese universities. They have also developed strong relationships with industry and have conducted fruitful collaborative projects. It is the ambition of the Production Robotics sub-network to provide results and know-how which may impact companies such as PSA, Airbus or STX.


Jean-Pierre Gazeau - jean.pierre.gazeau@univ-poitiers.fr